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Congratulations to the winners of the FlexPackCon Student Poster Competition!

On October 10, FlexPackCon was the scene of a fierce competition showcasing student talent and innovation.

SPE Québec is delighted to announce the brilliant winners of our student poster competition, who stood out for their exceptional creativity.

1st Prize: Blessing Itabana - $500

FEXPACKCON2023 Poster_Blessing Itabana
Download PDF • 1.50MB

2nd Prize: Farhad Asempour - $300

Farhad Asempour- Poster - SPE FlexPackCon2023
Download PDF • 1.00MB

3rd Prize: Franziska Rehle - $200

spe FlexPackCon_Poster_Franziska Rehle
Download PDF • 785KB

Congratulations to Blessing Itabana, Farhad Asempour and Franziska Rehle on their outstanding achievements! We look forward to seeing how their passion and expertise will continue to shape the future of the industry.

Stay tuned for more exciting events from SPE Québec!

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